Designing your home can definitely be a daunting yet enjoyable task. It is something which most people enjoy doing but they need to pay attention towards the aspect of Vastu to attract positive energy in the house. We will take you through a tour to help you understand how different areas of your house should be designed according to Vastu.

Vastu Tips to design your home

Let us delve deep into the various vastu tips that you need to take into account while designing your home. Taking you through each and every area, you will come to know about the direction, choice of colours and furniture selection for every room.


The first area through which guests are welcomed into your home is the entrance. According to Vastu Shastra, the entrance door should be the biggest door in the house. The area around the entrance should be well-lit and not cluttered.


This is one part of the home where people spend their maximum time and hence this room should attract positive vibe. Light colours, like white, grey, light blue are good options to enhance lightning in the room. It should be South or East and should have big windows and doors for proper ventilation.  


The most important area of any house is the ‘Pooja room.’ The North-East direction is the best place where you can set up the mandir and this direction is able to harness positive energy from the sun. Preferably the mandir should be set up at the ground level and idols should be placed few inches above the ground.

Living Room

Living area is the place where most of your guests assemble & socialize. Pick square shaped furniture and rectangular shaped tables. Try to avoid circular pieces of furniture. Decorate the area with plants to allow energy and good health. Ensure that the living room has proper lightning in all corners. Talking about colours, white, light blue and yellow are good options, try to avoid dark colours when talking about living room. You can also hang paintings, preferably in the North-East wall.


The kitchen should be set up in the South-East direction and this is the same direction where the gas stove should be kept facing East, where Agni, the lord of fire prevails. The windows should be present in the East direction. Selection of vibrant colours for the kitchen wall is the best use such as yellow, orange, rose and green shade and white always works best.

Toilets and bathrooms

The direction of the bathroom should be in the North-West or the West side. Shower should be in North-East direction whereas the WC should be placed in the West direction or the South direction. Mirror should be hanged above the washbasin and should be placed on the North side or the East facing wall. A window should be designed in the West, North or the East side. Dark colours should be avoided as they attract negative energies.

As each and every part of our house is important, hence these tips help us understand the direction in which each area should be designed to harness positivity, good health and well-being in the house.

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