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Calculate Floor Area Ratio (FAR) for your property in Delhi with our free and online FAR calculator.

Floor area ratio (FAR) also termed as floor space index (FSI) is the ratio of the total floor area of the building on a certain location to the size of the land of that location, or the limit imposed on such a ratio. FAR is the ratio of total building area to the size of the site. Use the given calculator to find applicable FAR for your property.

FAR Calculator

in sq. yards
1 sq m = 10.764 sq ft 1 sq m = 1.196 sq yard 1 sq yard = 9 sq ft 1 sq yard = 0.83 sq m
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FAR (Floor Area Ratio) In Delhi

Due to its less area and high population density, Delhi authorities follow FAR norms strictly that’s why it is important that all the construction is done adhering to all FAR norms and buidling bye laws of Delhi. FAR or floor area ratio simply means the ratio of floor area to the total land area. With different regions having different land quality, FAR norms are issued by local authorities of Delhi on the basis architectural guidelines for assuring buildings are constructed in safe manner and buildings aren’t prone to undue pressure and stress.

Plots in metro corridors and influence zones are allowed a higher Floor Area Ratio, however, the group housing projects face no FAR restrictions.

FAR of 4 has been allotted to the redevelopment projects in Delhi.

New Delhi
Area of Delhi Plot
(sq. meter)
Max. Ground Coverage% FAR No. of Dwelling
<50 90* 350 3
51-100 90* 350 4
101-250 75** 300** 4
251-750 75 225 6
751-1000 50 200 9
1001-1500 50 200 9
1501-2250 50 200 12
2251-3000 50 200 15
3001-3750 50 200 18
>3750 50 200 21

How FAR is calculated

FAR delhi

The formula to calculate the Floor Area Ratio (FAR) of an area is:

FAR= (Total covered area of all floors of a building)/ (Total area of the plot)

thus if the plan is to build a four floor building in an area then the floor area ratio can be calculated like this:

(4 x Floor area)/Total area= Floor Area Ratio

and if there are three floors:

(3 x Floor area)/Total  area= Floor Area Ratio

The FAR of any building should be in permitted limit as provided by the authorities for safety reasons in cases like natural disaster or some other mis-happening, to reduce the damage as much as possible.