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Start your home construction project in Amritsar with Liveup Homes, one of the most trusted design and build companies from Delhi specializing in ultra luxurious residences. Get your quote now! 

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Liveup Homes is an award winning design and build company with an all star team of world class architects and designers bringing modern architectural trends to Amritsar and other regions in Punjab. Get your quote now!

Why Choose Liveup To Build Your Home In Amritsar?

Building quality homes has never been easy and home makers have been highly unsatisfied with the lack of professionalism, transparency and predictability of the service providers. Liveup Homes on the other hand thinks of house construction as an opportunity to bring people's dream to reality.

World class team

We deliver what we design

Quality material used

Zero micro management

Timely delivery of projects

At Liveup, we are changing the way future luxury homes will be designed and built in Amritsar.
We combine state-of-art processes and technology to deliver luxurious homes that reflect your persona.

Liveup Homes is a Trusted
Home Construction Company In Amritsar

Some of our prestigious clients include