This is your manual for getting ready for fundamental archives and authentications for getting building development endorsement in Delhi.

The Building Bye-Laws 1983 as adopted by Delhi Development Authority are applicable for the development areas of the Authority within the National Capital Territory of Delhi as declared under Section-12 of Delhi Development Act, 1957 in the exercise of powers conferred under sub-section 1 of Section 57 of Delhi Development Act, 1957. No development shall be allowed in the development area of the Delhi Development Authority without proper sanction.

Where to apply for construction plan applications:

The building plan applications are to be submitted at Building Section Counter, D-Block, Ground Floor, Vikas Sadan, New Delhi-110023 which is situated near I.N.A. Market.

Some of the documents are listed below :

  1. For sanction/Addition/Alterations/Revised plan of residential plot/other buildings :
  • Form for the first application
  • Specification form of proposal duly signed by owner and Architect/Engineer
  • Appointment letter of Architect/Engineer
  • Copy of valid registration certificate of Architect/Engineer
  • Copy of valid registration certificate of Plumber/Engineer
  • Copy of NOC issued by Lessor
  • Building Plans including water harvesting proposal
  • Certificate by the owner, Architect/Engineer & structural engineer for safety from natural hazards 
  • Qualification Certificate of Structural Engineer
  • Certificate by owner & Architect/Engineer for water harvesting in the prescribed format
  1. Documents required for completion-cum-occupancy certificate (for residential plotted development) :
  • The Certificate by the Owner, Architect, Engineer, Structural Engineer and supervisor in the form
  • One set of structural drawings as executed duly signed by the owner, Architect and Structural Engineer as defined in NBC of India).
  • Copy of Lease-deed.
  • Valid extension of time up to the date of applying for Completion Certificate and in case completion is applied in phases, a valid extension of time would be required up to the last phase.
  • Revalidation of plan up to the date of application of completion certificate.
  • Valid Certificate of Architect, Engineer.
  • Qualification Certificate of Structural Engineer.
  • Certificate regarding deviations from Architect/Engineer
  • One set of building photographs (Coloured) in size 8×10 duly signed on backside by the owner/Architect.
  • Superimposed Layout and Building Plans wherever applicable
  1. The signing of Plan: The plans at the time of sanction and completion are required to be signed by the owner and the licensed Architect. However, plans in respect of plots up to 500 sq. mtrs. and up to 4 storeyed may be signed by a Licensed Engineer and plots upto 100 sq. mts. and up to 2 storeys by a Licensed Supervisor instead of Licensed Architect subject to being approved by the Competent Authority. TheLicensed Architect/Engineer/Supervisor shall indicate his/her name, address and registration number on the plans with a copy of his/her valid license.
  1. Fees and Charges

  2. Building permit fee: No building application shall be deemed valid unless and until the owner giving notice has paid the requisite fee of building applications as per schedule given below: 
  1. The Building Permit fee for all buildings shall be calculated at the rate of Rs.1/- per of covered area(including basement floor, Mezzanine floor & loft, etc.).
  2. Fee for addition/alteration/revised plan shall be 50% of the original building permit fee paid for the plan in question.
  3. Plans submission fee for approval/revised approval/alteration/addition of layout plan for development/sub-division of land shall be calculated @ Rs.10,000/- per acre.
  4. Revalidation of plans:- Fee shall be @ 25% of the original permit fee per year.
  5. Fee for submission of NOC shall be @ Rs.1/- per sqm. of covered area (including basement floor, Mezzanine floor, loft, etc.) in all types of buildings.
  • Stacking Charges: For plots falling in areas where services are being maintained by any Govt. Agency, the stacking charges shall be charged as given below:-
    1. @Rs.1/ area.
    2. Rs.1.5 per covered area for plots up to 84 in area. (iii)(b) Rs.2/- per of plots above 84 and up to 418 in area

Procedure for processing Building permit application 

  • On the day, application for grant of a building permit is received, the building section shall give a suitable date and time for site inspection which shall be within 10 days from the receipt of application.
  • After the site has been inspected the case shall be scrutinized within 30 days from the date of inspection. In case, there are no objections and corrections requiring compliance from the owner, the sanction shall be released within 60 days from the date of submission.
  • For other cases where corrections or compliance of other objections are necessary, the party shall be intimated within 45 days from the date of submission. Such correction/compliance should be completed within 30 days and after compliance, the building permit shall be released within 15 days from the date of such compliance. In the case of non-compliance by the party, the building permit can be refused or rejected.
  • The building plans for buildings identified in Bye-laws shall also be subject to the scrutiny of the Chief Fire Officer, Delhi Fire Service, and building permit shall be given by the Authority after the clearance from the Chief Fire Officer.
  • In the case where the building scheme requires the clearance of the Delhi Urban Arts Commission, then the Authority shall issue the building permit only after getting the clearance from the Delhi Urban Arts Commission.
  • The Authority may revoke any building permit issued under the provision of the bye-laws if there has been any false statement or any misrepresentation of material facts in the application on which the building permit was based


If the building permits, so issued, found in violation of  building bye- laws/Master Plan/Zonal Plan Regulations


If during construction, it is found that the owner has violated any of the provisions of the Building Bye-Laws or sanctioned plan conditions

The validity period of building permit :

  • The building permit shall remain valid from the date of sanction as mentioned below (as per Govt. Notification for all types of developments)
  • For Residential, Institutional, Industrial & Commercial (up to 4 storeyed bldgs.) 5 yrs.

Procedure during construction of the building:

  • The owner/applicant who has been granted such a building permit shall intimate the Authority in writing within 7 days of starting construction work at the site. He shall obtain an acknowledgment from the Authority of this notice.

Provisional Occupancy Certificate and Completion-cum-Occupancy Certificate

Provisional Occupancy Certificate(POC)/Completion-cum-Occupancy Certificate(C.C.) will be applicable/accepted/approved for Co-op. Group Housing societies, Housing Schemes of Government, Govt. Aided Institutional and Charitable Trust/Wakf Board only as per Authority Resolution No.72 dt. 18.6.1991.

  • Provisional Occupancy Certificate(POC): A detailed site inspection will be carried out. Additional FAR/compounding fee/EWS fund etc. will be levied at this stage and POC will be released after approval of competent authority and submission/receipt report to DUAC of completion plan.
  • Completion-cum-OccupancyCertificate(C.C.): After receipt of clearance of completion plan from DUAC, the matter will be put up to the competent authority for approval of completion certificate. However, at this stage, there will be a site inspection again for any subsequent deviation with respect to development control norms/BBL.
  • Misuse of building: No person can change the use of any land or building or part thereof other than the sanctioned/permissible land use and the offense of the misuse is punishable under Section 30(1) & 31(A) of DD Act. 1957.

The substance of this blog is a wide outline of the documents required for the construction of a home in Gurgaon and has been given to you for the data reason as it were. Nothing in this blog ought to be viewed as a legitimate exhortation. The data in this blog has been set up from sources accepted to be solid however Gouri Ekmeet Designs don’t speak to it as exact and complete.

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