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Planning to build your own home or building on a plot in Gurgaon? Use the calculator below to get an estimate of your home construction cost with Gouri Ekmeet Designs

Construction Cost Calculator

in sq. yards
1 sq m = 10.764 sq ft 1 sq m = 1.196 sq yard 1 sq yard = 9 sq ft 1 sq yard = 0.83 sq m
FAR Calculations
Plot Area (in sq. meters): {{ yardsToMeter(form.plotArea) }}
FAR applicable: {{ calc.farApplicable | thousandSeperator }}
Total Area for all Floors (sq ft): {{ calc.areaOfAllFloors | thousandSeperator }}
Covered Area of each Floor (sq ft): {{ calc.coveredArea | thousandSeperator }}
Open Area (sq ft): {{ calc.openArea | thousandSeperator }}
Stilt: {{ calc.stilt | thousandSeperator }}
Costing Estimate
Covered Area Costing: ₹ {{ calc.coveredAreaCost | thousandSeperator }}
Open Area Costing: ₹ {{ calc.openAreaCost | thousandSeperator }}
Stilt Area Costing: ₹ {{ calc.stiltCost | thousandSeperator }}
Subtotal: ₹ {{ subtotal | thousandSeperator }}
GST 18%: ₹ {{ gstApplicable | thousandSeperator }}
Total Cost: ₹ {{ totalCost | thousandSeperator }}

How Does Construction Calculator Works

  • The construction cost calculator is created on the basis of FAR norms
  • The price range given is only an assumption for various types of construction
  • Actual costs may vary depending on the area of construction, Construction type, finishing items chosen. 
  • Any budget-related specification, we can work to customize the project configurations for that stipulated budget range.

Some Important Factors That Impact Home Construction Cost In Gurgaon

Total Built-Up Area: The construction cost calculations for your plot in Delhi will depend on the total built-up area. The total built-up area consists of  Covered Area, Half Covered Area, Basement, and Open Area.

Covered Area: rooms, lift lobby, toilet, guard room, staircase, toilets, underground water tank, rainwater harvesting pit, balcony area, sunken courtyard, etc constitute the covered area.

Basement: retaining wall and staircase, lift shaft, lift lobby constitute the basement

Open Area: Open area includes the area of shaft/courtyard on each floor, area which is open to sky including the terrace, non-load bearing chajja area on each floor, parking area, etc.

All these areas further depend on FAR Consumption. Some families consume the full FAR of the plot and build the maximum number of floors on their plot, others might just want to build the number of floors in which their family can live comfortably in. Calculate FAR Calculator for your plot in Gurgaon here

Specifications of Interior and Exterior Finishing: the construction cost of a house depends on the interior design and other things. A simple kitchen costs less compared to a fully equipped kitchen. Special finishing cost more than simple finishing, thus all these affect the construction cost. Again in the end it all depends on the taste and choice of the client.

Quality/Brands of Construction Materials Used: the material used in the construction decides the quality and look of a house. If you use high quality branded products then they will definitely cost you more, but they will also improve the quality and longevity of your house and its interior. So the quality and rand of the material used highly influence the construction cost.

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