Creamy hues to bold contrasts, 2019 is all about adding colour to your home. Make a style statement this year with vibrant and bold shades & uplift your home.

Right Colour Trends to Pick in 2019 

Creamy hazelnuts

The creamy shade of hazelnut should definitely be a shade on your radar this year, it gives a warm and inviting look. Subtle hazelnut is perfect for drawing and dining room. It’s neutral tone is a popular mix and blends in with the furniture.  

Light coloured sofa goes well with this shade & enhances the appeal of the room.

Beige coloured drapes will complete the classic look of the room.

Clayey tone

Another great choice for living room are the soft clay paint shades which gives the room an elegant look. The modern day version of the brown and beige shades, clay tones reflection simplicity in attitude. Clove, terracotta and caramel shades are all saviour of the day!

Recliners and ottoman in bold shades are the perfect fit to clay tone.

The doors of the room painted in white will gel with the classy look of the room.

Formal grey

If your idea of a dream home is the classic style, formal grey is ‘In” this season. A refreshing and subtle tone, grey makes perfect choice for the English style home. Lilac greys is an optimistic tone for the patio and kitchen.

This looks excellent with cushioned and soft fabric upholstery.

White coloured sliding doors add to the perfect look.

Lots of glass area with this colour tone complements the room.

Pastel hues

The muted tones of pastel are perfect for the kitchen. Since the kitchen area consumes minimal designing, pastel shades reflect minimalism at its best. The muted and chalky tones give neutral look and an amazing feel to the room.

The pastel tone moves seamlessly through the room as it smoothly transitions through the wall, furniture and other accessories.

Prominent modular kitchen goes great with pastel tones.

Twisted greens

Inspired by nature, the twisted shades of green bring a touch of nature to your abode. The soothing richness and feel of the shade gives your house a unique vibe.

Twisted greens are a perfect match for brown furniture like cane chairs and table for a private garden outside.

Large chandelier or other form of lightning will reflect this shade in an amazing manner!

Mindful aquas

A great choice for the kids room, aquas can be selected with lightened haze and mistiness. Bold in its tone and versatile in texture, the touch of aqua gives a rejuvenating feel to the room. 

Complement aqua with a neutral coloured bed, storage spaces and wardrobes, off-white and caramel will be a perfect combination to aqua.

Pro Tip

Glossy paints are a thing of the past, matte finish is ‘in’ this time of the year. Matte highlights the subtle quality of bright shades. It gives a soothing ambience and is perfect for the master bedroom and guest bedroom.

Matte finish goes well with soft fabric like cotton rather shiny ones like velvet.

Choices may vary, but it’s all about finding the right balance with the mixed doses. Elemental, nature inspired hues with contemporary twist can work wonders at your home. Alternatively, electric tones like citrus yellow, bright orange is a more modern choice. This season pick shades that reflect your attitude, a home should echo your persona.

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