What’s the difference between your bedroom and that of a hotel? Doesn’t a hotel bedroom feel luxurious? The big-sized bed, perfectly placed pillow, the beautiful TV unit, and what not?

What if we say that you can have the same luxurious feel at your home in your own bedroom? Surprised, right? But here’s the deal, Gouri Ekmeet Designs has delivered 100s of ultra-luxurious projects and has given bedrooms the it-look they deserve with a hundred percent client satisfaction. So, what actually makes a bedroom look luxurious? Is it the space? Or the walk-in wardrobes? Or the lights? It can be all and it can be none. Let’s explore all of it.

A bedroom is a personal getaway, where you relax, and spend quality time. Hence, if you are looking to get yourself a luxurious master bedroom here is an expert list that can help you choose better: 

1. Let the walls do the talking

As tempting as having pastel-shaded walls may sound, there are times when these colours can make your room dull and uninteresting. Opt for a dark colour, if not on all walls then at least one. Such bold choices will make your bedroom warmer and add an edge-cutting design to it. Embracing a little paint will create striking contrasts, essential for any superior space. If some paint isn’t your taste, try adding accent wall/s paneling. These will instantly add a touch of dimension, style, and an element of supremacy. Wall panels can be in wood, faux fur, high-quality lustrous metal, mirrors, or even marble for a luxe look. They can be utility paneling or decorative depending upon your choice. Spreading out the paneling will make it more modern and classic. Paneling can be done on the entire ceiling, behind the bed, or for a minimalist look it can be just behind your TV unit.

Pro tip: You can choose royal blue walls with a white ceiling and softer elements of the room like the bed and the rug. And if you don’t want to add colour to the entire wall, just paint the trims, casings, or moldings to break the monotony of the room.

2. Play with the lights

It is often said that lights and lighting can make or break a design. If you look closely at a 5-star rating hotel bedroom suite, you will find table lamps, wall sconces behind the bed, ceiling lights, mirror lights and a lot more. Lights are certainly an element you can play with. So, upgrade your room by picking up a chandelier, statement lights, table lamps, or pendant lights. You can choose one with shiny finishes as well to add extra oomph. Or opt for adjustable lighting lights for the sleeping area or book reading lights on the bedside. Apart from all this going for ambient lighting can create a serene-inviting environment for your room, this can be done by cove lighting, a cantilevered feature with LED lights modestly tucked inside, or, by placing continuing LED lighting atop elevated furniture pieces.

Pro tip: Choosing an unconventional patterned light can make your bedroom look expensive too. Investing in task lights is a great move, they have great functionality and chique designs. 

3. Choose mirrors to amp your game

Mirrors spring energy around the room. Placing the right mirrors at the right place can do wonders for your room. This is one trick that designers use to add allurement, placing a mirror on the wall, behind a nightstand, on a cupboard, above the study instead of just a vanity table. Large mirrors can add instant luxury to your bedroom because these will add depth to your room and even make smaller spaces look comparatively bigger. This added component will go a long way.

Pro tip: Choose designer backlit mirrors for your room and don’t add mirrors in front of your bed, it can create sleeplessness and drain personal energy. 

4. Level up and start layering

Luxury hotels spend a lot of time and effort embracing the art of layering. You must have seen piles of pillows nicely arranged, triple sheeting, and rugs under the table and bed. This is the most impactful method for an expensive-looking bedroom. Add an elegant rug, many cushions, and stylish linens to make your room look more royal and feel comfortable. Don’t think of layering as spending extra, rather it’s the most functional feature. These little things can play a huge role in deciding the vibes of your room. For an ultra-luxe look, choose high-end fabrics for pillows and bedding, like linens, silk, faux-fur or velvets, etc. 

Pro Tip: The art of layering is in its composition, it should be organized and symmetrical to make it visually impactful.

5. Choose a colour palette

 It is clear that the lavishness of a room is about adding elements, but these elements should not look chaotic. Synchronization of elements can be achieved by choosing a curated colour palette that speaks your style. All the elements in your room should revolve around this palette and a scheme. Colour blocking is also a great way to jazz up your room. Selecting the right shade of paint is very significant, for statement walls or elements you can choose jewel-shaded objects but for other elements, you can opt for neutral ones to balance and create a calm space.  Like, for a classical look the combination of beige and brown works best but for a modern look white and grey surpasses every other blend.

Pro Tip: Opt for earthy and peaceful colour schemes like beige, creamy whites, or pastel shades. You can add luxury with designer pillows, pretty bedding, and differently designed mirrors.

These are some ways by which you can get an extravagant bedroom you can also go for comfortable yet chic seating, investing in scented candles, wireless speakers, a big TV Screen, embracing the view of the room, or letting in as much natural light as you can. A bedroom should be the most peaceful space in your home. This is your private space and hence should be a relaxed space. The golden rule that you should know is that your room is a reflection of you, hence, its aesthetics should only define you. 

We are sure that curating a design that matches your style can be tough, but Live Up Homes has been in business for three decades and has delivered exquisite projects. So get in touch with our consultants to get your dream room.

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