Are you designing your dream home? Well, then the standards for the selection of exquisite interiors might also be relatively high. May it be home décor, curtains, furnishing, or floorings; you need everything to be pitch-perfect! And luxurious flooring is the heart of any home interiors, as you can find it everywhere. So let’s discuss some phenomenal and lavish options that can add another level of class and elegance to your ‘DREAM HOME.’

Aspirational and attractive flooring can bring out the real vibe of your place! It is like a forever investment that you and your family would cherish in every moment. Whether it’s marble, wood or lavish carpet, there are a lot of options one can explore basis the needs and budget. 

Here are the 5 Best Flooring Options Used Across India



Marble does not just looks lavish but is an epitome of richness and elegance. However, there are several options and quality in this type of floor that depends on your budget. And the laying costs for this type of flooring is also on the higher side. After all, if you plan to get the most exclusive and premium flooring option for your place, the amount you have to pay is sure to bit high.

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Designer mosaic ceramic flooring

Inspired by the old age palaces, the mosaic ceramic floor tiles can be another choice. These tiles are at par in sophistication, and nothing can beat the texture and look of these tiles. Are you looking for some unique and out-of-the-box home interiors? If yes, then this type of designer ceramic floor tiles is an excellent choice for you. Moving on to the creativity quotient, the patterns and designs of this flooring are also impeccable.

Common options are glass tiles, handmade floors, pebble mosaics, Italian designer tiles, and antique reclaimed tiles. Premium quality mosaic ceramic tiles add a gist of uniqueness to your place. The intricate designs and polished look of these tiles is something you cannot miss at all.

Hardwood flooring

Bring home the raw, rare, and rustic feel with hardwood floors. The vintage touch of this flooring type can add a unique look to your place and enhance the overall appeal of the house décor. If pricing is not an issue, you can also pick some exotic options from abroad. There are wood patterns and textures that can give a forest wood-like finish to your place. Quality hardwood floors provide a brilliantly smooth and warm feel to your home. The installation charges for this flooring is comparatively lesser in comparison to the stone or ceramic floors. There are suppliers of this floor who are indulged in sustainable lumber production and adhere to the rules of FSC (Forest Stewardship Council).

Hand-scraped hardwood floors

Next in the list of luxurious flooring for homes is again the new trend of hardwood floors. There are hand-scraped planks you need to put straight and they appear like the old English style wooden floors. It seems quite raw and works perfectly well with the latest retro trend, which is hitting the markets. Hand-scraped luxurious floors have some intricate detailing that makes them stand out from the rest. Excellent craftsmanship and new-age production techniques bring out the best version of the wooden floors making it look fantabulous!

 Luxurious Vinyl Tiles

Can vinyl be luxurious? We know most of you might be thinking about how vinyl flooring can be a premium flooring choice. But yes, the fact is times are changing, and the new player in the furnishing market is the LVT or Luxury vinyl tile. You can pick this as a mid-range yet elite option and make a wise investment. It can also imitate the natural stone or wooden flooring as per your choice.

The best part about this flooring type is you the laminated flooring appears much durable and realistic in appearance compared to any other flooring option. Several premium brands deal in a resilient vinyl sheet ranging from $5 per foot, which is almost similar to the cost of any porcelain tile. LVT tiles are an excellent choice and also slip-resistant.

Carpet Flooring

You can also go for carpet flooring or carpet tiles if you search for a luxurious feel for your home. A designer carpet flooring is the hottest trend as it reveals your glory and majesty with its premium look. And the fanatics of contemporary styles cannot miss out on this option.

Full-length rugs run from floors to walls, abstract tiling patterns, and conventional square sisal styles that can give a makeover to your bland space. This type of flooring aces in terms of versatility and styles. 

Wrapping up

Luxury is all about indulgence and the more one goes for rare materials or craftmanship, the more luxurious the flooring will become. A rare natural stone that is carved from Italy can be as expensive as a Persian carpet handwoven with a thread of gold for months. It all depends as to how flamboyant your personality is and how you much are you willing to shell out on that flooring for that surely does elevate the look of your home! 

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